Flying the Falco

Perhaps a new concept.

This page is expected to provide very interesting reviews and flight guidance and technical information on the flying side of the Falco.
This page will be driven and guided by our Falco Flight Specialists.
As an FAA Flight Advisor, a lot of the following guidance is supplied by Ray Hecker. 


Jim Randall - A great report by a Falco Newbie. An example of some well demonstrated Falco characteristics by someone who understands the Falco. Jim was introduced to the Falco by Ray Hecker. Ray is a Falco Specialist Flight instructor and FAA Flight Advisor.

Jim Randall - Part 2 of Jim's report.

Jim Randall - Part 3 of Jim's report.

Operational Discussion Points

Flap Use in the Falco:  An well considered discussion on the use of Flaps for take-off.

Safety information

AC90-109 -  Are you new to the Falco and want to learn how to safely fly it? The FAA has considered the risk. While there is no specific Falco information in this document (Yet, watch this space) it is important stuff to consider. This is great guidance for anyone new to the Falco.

flying video

Specific manoeuvres in the Falco. Videod for training consideration.

Flight Testing

If you are considering flight testing your own Falco the following information is vital reading.

A huge improvement in flight safety. The FAA announces the Additional Pilot Program. (EAA description)


The Additional Pilot AC90-116 can be found here. This should be a serious consideration for anyone not current or experienced in flight testing who is serious about flight testing their own Falco. Unfortunately the Falco was never listed by the FAA.

Other interesting articles

Flying by the Numbers
An interesting Flight advisor article.
Flying by the Numbers.pdf
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Falco F.8L Airplane
David Silchman's Falco originally built by Pawel Kwiecinski