Sequoia Falco N729CB

Built by Kyle Brumfield and completed in 2014. Kyle unfortunately passed before the first flight.

zero hours, FAA insp complete, ready to go.

  • IO-320 C1A, 160 hp, 1455 SMOH
  • Christen inverted oil system
  • Inverted flight fuel system
  • Whirlwind Aviation 151H-195, 3 blade constant speed, new
Instrument Panel:
  • King Nav/Com, KX 155T50 (glideslope, VOR)
  • King KT 76A Transponder w/ mode C
  • Marker Beacon
  • Apollo GPS
  • FlightCom 403 intercom
  • FlightCom digital clearance recorder
  • Electronics International 4 probe EGT
  • Digital OAT guage
  • Davtron 800 digital timer
  • Digital fuel flow computer
  • G meter, magnetic compass
  • Two axis auto pilot
  • "6 pack" instrument layout (artificial horizon, altimeter, turn & bank, directional gyro,¬†rate of climb, "true speed" airspeed indicator)

Asking $67,000 or best offer.
For more information contact:
Pete Klapp (330) 388-2074