Sequoia Falco N729CB

Built by Kyle Brumfield and completed in 2014. Kyle unfortunately passed before the first flight.

zero hours, FAA insp complete, ready to go.

  • IO-320 C1A, 160 hp, 1455 SMOH
  • Christen inverted oil system
  • Inverted flight fuel system
  • Whirlwind Aviation 151H-195, 3 blade constant speed, new
Instrument Panel:
  • King Nav/Com, KX 155T50 (glideslope, VOR)
  • King KT 76A Transponder w/ mode C
  • Marker Beacon
  • Apollo GPS
  • FlightCom 403 intercom
  • FlightCom digital clearance recorder
  • Electronics International 4 probe EGT
  • Digital OAT guage
  • Davtron 800 digital timer
  • Digital fuel flow computer
  • G meter, magnetic compass
  • Two axis auto pilot
  • "6 pack" instrument layout (artificial horizon, altimeter, turn & bank, directional gyro, rate of climb, "true speed" airspeed indicator)

Asking $67,000 or best offer.
For more information contact:
Pete Klapp (330) 388-2074

"I would like to let you know that another Falco has flown. Kyle Brumfield had spent 28 years building his and then passed away just before the FAA inspection in August, 2015.


A very good friend of his, Pete Klapp, worked on getting the paperwork transferred into his widow’s name, getting the FAA inspection completed, and then getting the aircraft ready for its first flight.


I flew the Falco Tuesday, November 7, 2017, on its first flight and it flew very well! " - Gary Baker.

Pete Klapp is holding the new Airworthiness Certificate just given to him by Sonny Janosy-FAA

Gary Baker taxiing the Falco doing some taxi tests.