Sequoia Falco N428WJ

"My Falco needs to fly and get the finishing touches on it done during the test phase and be owned and cared for by a new owner.  It’s already been over 2 years and as we all know, that’s not good for an airplane."

  • All that I did (engine and all accessories/hoses/lines/dual electronic ignition system etc, installed a new ELT, seats, canopy, put airframe together, put in a new vacuum pump and got the system working, gear adjusted and working, seat belts, GPS and mount for it (included) with lifetime IFR geosynchronous plates, battery and cables, starting system, adjusted and tensioned all cables, etc.) was supervised by 2 A&P mechanics, my friends in Minden, NV.
  • It is registered, was inspected by the FAA and authorized for the 50 hour test flying phase along with the airworthiness certificate.  2 hours or so flown of that and everything works great so far.  (Thanks to Tristano for helping me adjust the gear!)  All instrumentation works perfectly.  William (Bill) Kunder of the Reno FSDO was the inspector.
  • Comes with all the manuals, blueprints, parts, pieces, tie downs, wing supports, sun shades, towbar, paint, extra parts and materials that I have and all receipts for everything.
  • It has been hangared every day since I have owned it in Minden, NV where it is now.  I have been home 3 times and each time I cleaned it, checked everything, started it up, taxied, ran the engine for a while and made sure everything was still working.  Engine started right up every time.  I will be back sometime this Summer (depends on what job I accept here and when) and will do the same thing, but hope to sell it at that time to someone.
  • Engine is a Lycoming 160 HP refurbished engine with about 412 total hours on it.  Carbureted but with new dual electronic ignition.  Runs strong.  Simple prop, Hartzell I think, that Gayl had re-engineered for the plane giving it a compromise of good climb/cruise performance.  Full IFR instrumentation/lights, steam gauges throughout plus the GPS with moving map IFR plates.  The ELT is the new expensive one that the FAA was going to make mandatory but didn’t LOL.  I will include in this email my Excel weight and balance sheet so you can see the empty weight and balance numbers.  Should cruise at about 160 knots at 4 gph.  Pretty amazing really.

What’s left to do?

  • Finish the 50 hour test flying phase.
  • Then get the actual final registration done.
  • It needs a second, backup fuel pump installed.
  • Trim tabs made and installed on the ailerons and rudder.
  • The left (I think) main gear shock absorber slowly loses air pressure.  Probably needs a new seal.  Have had to air it up all three times I have been home.  Sits fine, but leaned that way when I got into it, after 9 months or so.  No biggie.  
  • Finish paint:  Touch up and red stripes on the side to a Falco symbol on the cowling.  (or whatever you want lol)
  • The lens covers on the end of the wings aren’t perfect and I would replace one of them if I could as it has 2 small cracks it that I stop-drilled.
  • Gear up-lock switch may have to be slightly adjusted.

That’s all.  Honestly.

The plane can be seen at Hutt Aviation at Minden Airport (MEV).  Ask for Allen who can get you in to look at it if anyone wants to.  Will be dirty again until I get back this Summer at which point I hope to meet a potential buyer and show him/her everything, start it up, etc.

I paid $65,000 to Gayl for everything and have put about another $6,000 into it.  But paying for insurance and hangar rent needs to go away, and she needs a good owner and home since I am unable to be there and fly it.  Saddens me to no end but maybe when I am retired I can get another one…..for now, it would be best if I can sell it while I am there this Summer to facilitate the sale and get the plane to its new owner to continue test flying it, so it doesn’t have to sit in the hangar anymore.  I’m not advertising it anywhere, and only want to go through our Falco Owners Association to get the word out.

In hopes of doing that, I am asking $50,000 for it until I come back to Indonesia this Summer, (a steal) at which point I will be forced to advertise it everywhere and then try to get $70,000 for it, which is what it is worth I believe.  Hell, anyone with extra cash and some time could make $20K on it easily, especially if you get the test flying done…......…


Wayne Watts

My cell phone is:  +628118206102  Indonesia, 14 hours ahead of West coast time


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