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Instruments and Radios For Sale

I recently upgraded the panel of N767CN and have the following for sale.  

I’m asking $4000 USD plus shipping for the lot—please email me if you have any questions or need any additional information.  

All of the items listed were in good working condition when removed except for the turn coordinator.  I’ve been flying with all of these items in my panel for 10 years and the IFR Altimeter, Altitude Encoder and Transponder tests have been accomplished every 2 years.

1.  Garmin GTX327 Transponder with tray and connectors.

2.  Ameri-King AK-350 Altitude Encoder.

3.  Garmin GNC300XL IFR GPS/COM with antenna, tray, connectors, and JEPP database updater. 

4.  B&C HIS-1 Integrated Navigation Switch and Display Unit (GPS/NAV annunciator/switching unit)

5.  STRATUS 1 ADS-B In receiver for use with ForeFlight

6.  (2) Blue Mountain EFIS/Lite Generation 3 EFIS’s with magnetometers, keyboards and manuals.  Each of these can display ADI, HSI or a color moving map.

7.  Falco Airspeed Indicator

8. Altimeter

9.  VSI

10.  Turn Coordinator (core only—not working)

11.  Approach Fast Stack PRO-G Hub with harnesses

12.  (4) NuLite lighting bezels


Bill Nutt




There is a limited supply of posters available for $15.00 plus postage.

Poster design is by Jack Amos.

Please email orders to Craig or Martha Gunder at N46079@comcast.net

A great start for a Falco project - Factory built spars and Ribs. Tail group is built.

I have one each of the following (to the best of my knowledge) based on the

invoices I have.
Printed Plan set
Kit 402 Tail group Spars
Kit 405 Tail group Ribs
Kit 801-1 Tail Group Equipment
Kit 806 Trim Tab Control Equipment
Kit 861 Antenna Components
Kit 205 Wing Ribs
Kit 803-1 Wing Equipment
Kit 201 Wing Spars Kit

Joe Hass: MI, USA

Falco Project - All the wing ribs, stab ribs, boxes and boxes of parts and enough raw spruce to build maybe TWO planes,  most of it is still in it's plastic wraps, please note the main spar has NOT been built.

NOT a "complete" list but a very good start:

Printed plan set.
Kit No. 302 Fuselage Frames = at todays price: $5,225.00
Kit No. 205 Wing Ribs = at todays price:  $1,385.00
Kit No. 402 Tail Group Spars = at todays price:  $1,760.00
Kit No. 802 Fuselage Equipment = at todays price:  $1,750.00
Kit No. 801 Tail Group Equipment = at todays price:  $1,730.00
Kit No. 405 Tail Group Ribs = at todays price: $490.00                                                               

Total price at todays prices: = $12,300.00
PLEASE remember there is a LOT of raw wood and lots of boxes I still have not inventoried that will be included.

I'm asking $7,500.00 FIRM for all the above, to be picked up at my shop in Payson, Arizona,  I will be happy to meet a prospective buyer at my shop in Payson, and show them the components, all packing and shipping will be the responsibility of the buyer.

Ted Hidinger: CA, USA  (The project is in Payson, AZ)

602 316-4430.

Falco Kits (non-started project - deceased estate)

The available hardware kits were checked against Sequoia content lists in late 2003 and should still be basically good yet - they don't change things very often. Listed are the five kits with the June 15 2008 Sequoia prices (and my price in parentheses)

Kit #801 tail hardware $1730 ($1200)
Kit #802 fuselage hardware $1750 ($1200)
Kit #803 wing hardware $3530 ($2400)
Kit #804 flap control $1620 ($1150)
Kit #806 trim control $ 810 ($550)
Sequoia price total is $9440,  I'll sell individually or all for $6000

The available wood includes the spruce for the main spar and several kits made up by suppliers other than Sequoia and may not be exactly the same content as the current kits. The first three kits seem to relate to current sequoia kits in content

Kit #205 wing ribs $1385 ($1000)*
Kit #405 tail ribs $ 490 ($300)*
Kit #402 tail group spars $1760 ($1200)*

also have the frames from kit #302, but I'm not sure what the total content of kit #302 would be

Kit #302 fuselage frames $5225 ($2000)

Spar material- Spruce for wing spars - 10 mm x 100 mm strips in various lengths to be scarfed and laminated ? ($800)
(Sequoia sells the spars assembled and doesn't list just the spruce on their price list)

* I'm not really sure that there isn't something missing in the three wood kits 205, 405 and 402 and I know there are parts missing from 302 so the wood is priced accordingly. I'll sell the wood kits individually or all the wood for $4500.

Parts are available for inspection in the Capac Michigan area.

Bernice Nabors  810-395- 2057 and cell 586-337-0576


Falco Project - 

Scratch built empennage and fuselage frames, including the following kits:

Kit #201 Wing Spars Kit
Kit #205 Wing Ribs
Kit #801-1 Tail Group Equipment
Kit #803-1 Wing Equipment
Kit #861 Antenna Components

Also includes all fuselage spruce, wing jigs and deadman, some plywood and miscellaneous.


Parts located in Allentown, Penna. Asking $5,000.

Bill Hoffman at 484-695-1157 (email address also available contact us via our contact form)

Various parts as listed below

Seller Michael Schuler (Contact us for his details)

Nose Gear Lower Cylinder Assy. P/N 652


Nose Gear Upper Cylinder Assy. P/N 653


Stab & elevator $300 (Note there is a slight twist that will require some work)

Fin $75 (Note slight twist that will require work)

The stab, elevator and fin were part of a package I bought several years

ago, but I had already built my own.  These are surplus.