About the Falco Aircraft Association

The Falco Aircraft Association is a group of Falco enthusiasts interested in the building, maintaining and flying of the F8.L Falco.

Both Factory assembled and Sequoia 'Homebuilt' Falcos are of interest. 


Our members consist of People who have or are currently building Falcos. Those who have bought flying Falco aircraft and anyone interested in Frati's masterpiece. 


Our mission is to support Falco enthusiasts in all aspects related to the Falco aircraft by bringing people together.

For example :

If you've just bought a Falco and want some technical advise, we have members who can help. 

Maybe you have Falco kits that are of no further use. We can help find a buyer.


If you are building a Falco we can put you in touch with someone who has built one so you can look at the finished article. Nothing helps you get more reinvigorated than flying in a finished Falco. It can often seem like a lonely experience building an aircraft when you don't have contact with other builders. In the past builders have expressed feeling somewhat isolated from each other. We want to change that. We can help you get in touch with people who understand and have experienced building Falcos. If there is someone nearby you, we want you to know who they are.


Most of all we just like  joining people with similar interest in the Falco for social events and just talking, flying and being part of the Falco family.

We welcome anyone with a similar interest.


Factory Falcos

The Members

Click the links below for information on Falco Aircraft Association members and their pride and joy.

Sequoia Falco F.8L